Business cooperation

New direction of industrial fan cooperation and redefine partnership

  • No fan sales experience required - headquarters assistance and regional protection

  • No need to know fan technology - technical guidance, support and guarantee

  • No need to provide after-sales service - worry free service of professional after-sales team

Cooperation advantage

Scientifically guarantee the interests of customers; Provide prototype to ensure the supply of goods; Professional technical training support; Efficient logistics and distribution services; Marketing planning and operation guidance; Sales strategy team support; After sales tracking and quality assurance; Resource sharing and mutual support.

  • Brand Endorsement

    Well known brand, deeply recognized and trusted by users at home and abroad. Dawang ventilation has a full range of super large industrial fans with complete intellectual property rights and has passed the authoritative destructive test of key components! It has passed FCC, CE, ROHS, CCC, CSA, GL and UL certification.

  • Billion market

    Research shows that in 2017, the market scale of domestic large energy-saving fans was about 1.05 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 77.3%, showing a vigorous development trend.

  • Rapid development

    Large energy-saving fans are still in the stage of rapid development in China. With the increasing recognition of the application of large energy-saving fans in industry and life, the compound growth rate will reach 55.6%.

  • Widely used

    Large energy-saving fans are mainly used in industrial plants, logistics warehouses, commercial places, agricultural and animal husbandry plants, public spaces and other fields. In the future, they will break through the restrictions of installation conditions and enter any place that needs ventilation and cooling.

  • High permeability

    With its good environmental improvement effect and outstanding energy-saving benefits, large energy-saving fans form a certain substitution and supplement for traditional ventilation and temperature regulation equipment such as small fans and air conditioners in the application field.

  • Compound operation

    Internet collaborative manufacturing can realize the wide application of information technology, rapidly expand the sales market, capital operation, become bigger and stronger, build a marketing service system, and maintain strong competitiveness in the future market competition.

Business cooperation process

Industrial fan cooperation is a new direction and redefines the partnership. If you are interested in King's products, you are welcome to join us.

Online communication or telephone consultation


Cooperative agents apply to the headquarters


Review of distribution / agency qualification by the headquarters


By signing the distribution agency cooperation agreement


Unified product / sales / marketing / installation training


Issue prototype and distribution agent authorization certificate


Full support / guidance from the headquarters


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